Power of Attorney - דוגמא (ייפוי כוח באנגלית) | עו"ד רונן פרידמן

##Power of attorney## ##Know all by these presents that _______, ID No/ Passport No._________, hereby appoints:## ##The lawyer ___________, to be my true and lawful attorney## To represent me and act on my behalf before all Israeli courts of justice of all instances, and before any administrative tribunal or other governmental institution, and arbitration or mediation proceedings, in the capacity of plaintiff, defendant or third party or in any other capacity and manner and, without derogating from the generality thereof, to submit applications, claims, complaints, oppositions, defenses, appeals, revisions, all kinds of pleas and petitions, to accept and withdraw, summon witnesses, appoint experts and make admissions in my name, appoint arbitrators, umpires or experts and to dismiss them, demand examinations by experts, compromise or settle on behalf of myself, submit claims for declarations of bankruptcy, to represent me at meetings of creditors in any case or case briefs of bankruptcy, send warnings and notices, deny signatures and seals on documents submitted against it, accept copies of judgments or any other documents and papers, demand provisional attachments, pay expenses, taxes, remuneration fees, execute judgments, writs and decrees, receive moneys collected by Execution Offices or otherwise, and acknowledge receipt thereof. To request, to demand, to sue for, to receive, to collect and to hold amounts of money, sureties for money, debts, shares, merchandise and movable or immovable property which belong or shall belong to me or shall be owed to me or are or will be payable to me, whether by virtue of securities or of any balance or settlement of accounts or in any other matter whatsoever, to sign execute and give valid receipts, discharges, releases and other discharge for all manner of assets, whether realty or personalty, whether now or in the future, including matters under claim, and in respect of all moneys, securities, sureties for moneys, merchandise, chattels and goods which do or shall belong or be due to me, whether by myself, or jointly with any person, body or corporate body. In my name to settle, pay, finish, liquidate, arbitrate and compromise in respect of accounts, calculations, claims or disputes of any kind in which I have or shall at any time have an interest or which do or shall at any time effect me in connection with any person whatsoever, and to pay or receive any balance of any account, calculation, claim or dispute, as may be required from case to case. In my name and in my place to compromise and grant concessions or rebates with or to any person in respect of any debt or claim due or payable to me or in my favor now or at any future time. To appear in my name and to represent me before the Registrar of Lands at the Registry of Lands, to sign in my name and in my place every application, declaration and document of any kind and to carry out in my name any transaction recognized under the law and to give declarations, receipts and authorizations and to receive every document I am authorized to receive under law. To represent me and to appear in my name before any official, government officer or competent authority, Ministry, the Knesset, the Bank of Israel, bank, pension fund, life insurance company, any municipal or local council or any other administrative officers, or before all and any offices for the registration of lands or rights in or on lands, or before any other authority in all matters affecting or connected with my affairs and to sign and execute all manner of certificates, documents and contracts before such authorities or offices to perform all actions and matters which may be required by those authorities or offices. To use moneys which are in my possession or which shall come into my possession in accordance with this Power of Attorney for the payment of the expenses involved in the execution of the activities stated heretofore or hereinafter. To open or close any account with any bank or other institution, wherever situate and to sign in my name and on my behalf, and perform all transfers, bills documents and certificates of any kind. To sign every document and negotiate with any party every issue related to and deriving from the aforementioned matters according to the discretion of my Attorneys and to sign any agreement or settlement in or out of court. To draw, sign, hand over, receive, give in trust, make, transfer, endorse, pay or redeem any bills of exchange, promissory notes, drafts, checks, bills of lading, letters of credit, transferable or negotiable documents or other commercial documents of any kind, and execute and perform on my behalf or otherwise any contracts, covenants, agreements and other matters as my Attorney may seem fit, in order to exercise the power conferred on my Attorneys by this Power of Attorney. To receive in my name any registered or other mail or postal parcel and to sign receipts in connection therewith. I hereby declare as follows: The powers hereby given the Attorneys shall be given the widest interpretation and shall be construed as an express authority to them to act and deal as fully and effectually as I myself could do. The Attorneys may appoint and remove at pleasure any substitute in respect of all or any of the matters aforesaid, upon such terms as my Attorneys shall think fit. I hereby agree to ratify and confirm all and whatsoever my Attorneys or any substitutes shall do or cause to be done by virtue of this Power of Attorney. ##Date: __________## ##SIGNATURE__________ ## ##CERTIFICATION OF SIGNATURE__________ ## ##__________ , advocate##מסמכיםייפוי כוח